Golf Cart Etiquette

  • Always keep the cart clear of the tee deck
  • Keep carts away from greens and bunkers
  • Obey all roped off areas and directional signs
  • When on the fairway, keep the cart behind or next to  golfers who have yet to hit their ball.
  • If the course is too wet, keep your cart off the course.

Saturday Best Ball Scamble

Best Ball Scramble tournaments are held on Saturday mornings from the begging of July through labor day weekend. The fun begins at the first hole around 9:30AM. Entrance fees are$4.00 per person. Usually a cottager volunteers to  supply refreshments for the players.

To play is easy, just place your entrance fee of $4/person in a sealed envelope with name of the players written on the face of the envelope and leave it in the lock box behind the mailboxes. Envelopes must be deposited by 7AM the day of the tournament. 

There are no age limits for people who wish to enter. Cash payouts are usually awarded to first, second and third place winners. There are also usually cash prizes for closest to the pin on the first and fifth hole.

Previous Tournament Results

How we play a "best ball scramble" at Glenburnie

Each team (usually consisting of four-to-six players) plays two rounds on our five hole course. It's a shotgun start, so team one starts at the first hole, team two on the second, etc.

Each player tees off from their starting tee. The team captain selects the best of the tee shots (best ball), and all players take their second shot from this location. The best of the second shot is determined and so on until the ball is holed.

  • Each player is allowed one Mulligan during the tournament.
  • Boys twelve and under may drive from the ladies tee.
  • The septic mounds on the first and fifth hole are in play, but to prevent damage to the mounds, use a free drop on the fairway if your shot should land in these areas.
  • Across Glenburnie road on either side is out of play from the First and Second hole.
  • From the second hole, it's a fair play over Lake George way. If you land inside the drainage ditch from the second hole, it is still inbounds and you're allowed a free drop.
  • If you use a mulligan when shooting for second shot closest to the pin on the first and fifth hole you are disqualified from the cash prize.
  • Shirts and Shoes at all times.
  • Golf Carts can only be driven by persons 14 and up.
  • USGA golf rules and etiquette apply.